Is there any method to get the closest object to mouse click input event ?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By shreyk27

I am currently working on a 2d card trading game, with card having a functionality to be selected on a click, the cards will be overlapping each other as instanced. I tried using intersect_point() method it worked, but in the game there would be a situation arriving in which the cards would far away from other card object and the intersect_point() which is not as desired so, there is an idea of implementing a method which will register the mouse click event and will search for the closest card to the event location among the other cards.

So , is there any method for the above query by default or should i go about creating a specific one. If yes, than how ?

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: avencherus

Probably the simplest thing is to register the relevant objects (nodes) into an Array. Then when an intersection test fails, check them all and see which one has the least distance to the cursor position.

Something like:

func clicked(mouse_pos : Vector2) -> Node:

	var intersecting_object = get_intersection(mouse_pos)

		return intersecting_object

	var objects = get_objects()

		return null # Failure case

	if(objects.size() == 1):
		return objects[0]

	var near_obj = objects[0]
	var near_pos = near_obj.global_position
	var near_sqr = mouse_pos.distance_squared_to(near_pos)

	for i in range(1, objects.size()):

		var obj = objects[i]
		var pos = obj.global_position
		var sqr = mouse_pos.distance_squared_to(pos)

		if(sqr < near_sqr):

			near_sqr = sqr
			near_obj = obj

	return near_obj