Is there any way to use addons in the browser editor?

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I am using the browser editor. I want to create a scene to reuse in the game. I was wondering if there is any way to add an add-on to the editor in the browser. I don’t see in the browser the addons tab.

There is no built-in way to use the asset library from the web editor. Addons itself do work though, as long as the addon itself does not depend on any native features. There just is no convenient way to install them.

One option is to download the project, then add the plugin into the addon subdirectory, then upload the project again. This isn’t ideal, but it works.

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Is this intended? Is it a switch that is set when the browser version is compiled? Can it be enabled somehow? If not your solution is good enough for now.

This is a limitation due to cross-site rules. Basically for security reasons, the editor website can not download assets from the github website (which is where they are hosted):

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