Is there way to access node's method from other node's child?

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Lets say I have tree like this:


I want to access a method on Node1 from Child but if try I’m getting “null instance” error. Is there a way how to do that?

@onready var node1 = $"../Node1"
func _ready():

It seems like this is the way:
@onready var node1 = $“…/…/Node1”
But I have a feeling there is much better option, isnt there?

Seems like a great use case for the Unique Name feature.

Also in your code you’re initialising as node1 and then trying to access as Node1 (but that may just be a typo in your example).

Simplified setup

Have just tested with this:

extends Node2D
#on node 1
func SayHello():
	print("Hello, world!")


extends Node2D
#on node 2
func _ready():

and it works.
Scene Tree looks like:

Have also tried with:

func _ready():

Also tried with:

@onready var test = $"../Node1"
func _ready():

A setup a bit more like your original:


This again works with the script now on Node3 using unique accessor name, accessing function in Node1 - you can use:


but I can see this getting out of hand quickly.

The script is on a child of Node2, it’s like michal said.

You could also use
Or alternatively

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