Isometric Grid problem in 2D

Godot Version

Godot_v4.2.2 stable


I just want to make an Isometric grid in 2D but apparently I’m too stupid for that
if anyone can point me to a recent tutorial or a better way of doing things that’d be helpful and I’d be much appreciated.( I don’t know how to code, I only have like a month of experience and yes I’ve already looked for a ton of tutorial but they’re either too complicated to understand or just way outdated )

(my line of code that is not working for some reason)

The error is telling us; the method named “get_cell( )” isn’t available within the TileMap node.

Instead, try using:

var tile_id = get_cell_source_id(layers.ground, cell)
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oh damn maybe wait… I’ll try it

it worked thanks, it’s in the docs but I just ignored it.