Issue with extended scripts and classes

I have created a class on a script for my enemies so that they can share a bunch of identical features such as moving and dying, then, so that i can make each enemy a little different, i create a new enemy using the base class script and i then extend the script to give it unique functions, like shooting. However i have noticed that i cannot extend functions such as _ready() or any of the process functions. because when i do the object freezes. is there a way to fix that so that i can use the ready funtions on both scripts and not have to worry about this problem, because now i have to use both processes to run code when i really only need to use one. same thing for ready, I end up putting extra logic on the _enter_tree() function and it feels tacky.

Thank you for your help

After you extend those functions your base class already used, call super() to first call the original function your new class extended INSIDE the same function you override, then do something extra afterwards.

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@tibaverus, That did the trick, thank you for your help!