It seems a project can be an Android launcher, is it intended to be for launchers?

Godot Version



for so, Godot would have to at least have these basic features:

  • see Android wallpaper
  • see Android installed apps
  • excecute other Android apps

is it intended to be for actual Android launchers, or just game launchers for TVs? even those would have to have access to Android app list, right?

I couldn’t find a function in OS for “installed apps”, or get_wallpaper, or something of the like

first, you would need to consume android libraries in order to interact with the system API.
second, you would probably need to grant high level of security access to the app.

Most apps aren’t intended to be system apps, I don’t think Godot will ever get there by itself. but its not impossible to provide functionality, you would need to wrap android libraries into Godot extensions to get that kind of functionality.

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thank you very much, it was gobbling my head why that was a feature, exactly.

tho a launcher does not need to be a system app, the most it needs to have access to notifications, which is a higher acccess feature.