Kinematic character physics interaction

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I’m looking for good resources on implementing phyiscs intereaction for kinematic characters. Pushing objects is pretty simple, but I don’t know how to have rigid bodies affect kinematic bodies .

They dont.
Thats the whole point. Kinematic bodies are designed to be static bodies that move. A ridgid body should not impact that. If you want interaction, you have to use only ridgid bodies

You are right! I did manage to write the interactions that I wanted, things like getting pushed by rigid bodies, smoothly pushing bodies, applying weight force onto bodies, things like that. Kinda feels like a rigid body now. I wanted to see what I could achieve with a kinematic body, since Half-Life 2’s characters (which is mostly what I’m going for) are also kinematic, and they interact with rigid bodies. Though rigid bodies are definitely the way to go to achive realistic physics for characters.

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