Launch time of an application on Android.

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For a blank project launched on Android, the application takes 17-20 seconds to appear. Does that not surprise you? Isn’t there a way to significantly improve launch time?"

Which Android device model did you test this on, and which Android version is it running?

Which rendering method is the project using? The Compatibility rendering method should give you the fastest startup times on all platforms. Make sure the mobile override of the Rendering Method project setting is set to gl_compatibility as well, as the dropdown in the top-right corner of the editor won’t do this until 4.3.

Also, did you only measure the first project launch, or did you also measure subsequent project startups (after killing the activity)? Subsequent launches should be faster as shaders are cached.

Hello. I’ve tested the application several times on a real Android 10 phone, using the mobile rendering.

I’m using Godot v4.3.dev4.mono.official, code written in C#.
Rendering method: gl_compatibility.
Other settings are default.
Exported app takes 6-7 seconds to appear.