light problems

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By decord

hi, light not working on surfaces, help to solve it please

Are you referring to the flashlight held by the player?
Is it a SpotLight? Is it aimed at the right position and orientation? Is it working if you place it in the editor? Are you using GLES3 or GLES2?

Zylann | 2023-07-05 14:05

I am using GLES3, now I will explain the problem in more detail, I have on some models, the light does not work, no matter what light source, sometimes on such objects you need to point the light at the right angle, only then it will hit the model, but it is almost always just black, I tried a bunch of ways to fix it, but none helped me, I suspect that this is due to somehow turned inside out textures

decord | 2023-07-06 11:12

It could be caused by objects having wrong normals, or wrong normalmap textures maybe. Or they are too reflective/metallic, roughness might be too low for the surface to appear lit

Zylann | 2023-07-06 14:14