Light sources seem to randomly enable Reverse Cull Face when loading from a packed scene

Godot Version



I’m making a game that has procedurally generated rooms that each exist as unique scenes that get preloaded and instantiated, but any light source that gets loaded seems to sometimes randomly enable Reverse Cull Face even though there is nothing that would enable that. I tried adding new code to ensure that the setting is disabled, but that didn’t fix anything. Sometimes the lights load fine and other times they don’t and I feel like I’ve tried everything I can, so I’m coming here in hopes that someone might know the issue.

Video and image showcasing the strange behavior:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!! I am at a complete loss for what to do

I made a post of this yesterday but it got buried so im reposting it with a video. i apologize if reposts arent allowed im just really stumped and cant find anything online