Linum - my first game

Hello!! Today the Steam page for my game went public. This is the first game I’ve ever made. You can check it here: Linum on Steam
and also watch the trailer here:

About the game
It’s a very challenging puzzle game. The idea was to create a puzzle that is as much as possible simple to understand the mechanics and goal, but at the same time as challenging as possible. As someone who played a lot of puzzle games, this one is definitely challenging.
It works on windows and linux. Playable with mouse/keyboard/controller, or any combination of these.

About the development:
I first downloaded Godot early this year, but only started using it late february, early march. I learned everything from the absolute zero; watching tutorials on how to boot up the program, create a scene, a button, etc. I don’t have programming background; I did not know what a function or a variable was. I learned everything I needed watching youtube, reading reddit/godot forums, reading the godot docs, etc.
I really made sure the game does not contain any bug, performs well and is overall well made for one person without any artistic background.
I made everything myself: design, audio, textures, code.

I actually finished other 3 games, the reason I’m releasing it now it’s because only now I had the money to do so lol. The other 3 although finished, ended up being easier puzzles, which I dislike therefore I’ll probably not release them ever. For me puzzles need to be like spacechem, english country tune, the witness, machinarium, fish fillets 2, etc.

About releasing on Steam:
If there’s a time to try things it’s now, not 100 years from now. So I’m trying. If any of you plays it, hopefully you like it.

I’m happy and grateful for Godot. If my game ever breaks the Steam’s 1k barrier, I’ll definitely donate some to Godot.


That’s good.

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Very cool! Took me a couple of watches of the trailer to start to piece together how the puzzles work. I am slightly confused though because from your first example the orange “seed” is much like a rook where it can go infinitely vertical and horizontal but then in the next clip it looks like once it’s placed you can move each bar individually? Is that correct?

You got the orange right, it’s called reactor and it’s the only one capable of creating lines from nothing; it shoots in all 4 cardinal directions. The other ones are modifiers and they need to be activated either from other modifiers or the reactor itself. There’re introductory levels for each modifier plus scattered explanations throughout different levels about certain mechanics and intricacies.

It looks fun, I’ll check it out in a couple days when it releases!

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