list of all common functions/tools

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the #1 most helpful thing for coding is a list of thigns that can be used to code - with a youtube gif of what that thing does

these things are the words that are used on coding

where to find this for godot language?

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where to find this for godot language?

The docs?

This page is a 1-stop overview for gdscript. Among other things, it lists the keywords supported by gdscript, as well as operators, literals, types, etc… and provides examples, use-cases, and links to more details.

Overall, the Godot docs are (generally) excellent IMO. You should take a look.

  1. where to find links for what these ‘Keywords’ ‘Operators’ are used for ?

  2. and how they are used ?

  3. like are keywords always in the same part of the code syntax ?

  4. are ‘Keywords’ ‘Operators’ always used in the same way ? same for the other weird and unexplained terms in this link

gamecode | 2020-12-22 06:57