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How do you set up Steam input? I can’t download the steam API code until I pay $100 for a developer account? Is there a way to implement and test my code before then?

I want to set up user Input remappings. I have to do it the “Steam Way” or it won’t be compatible with Steam Deck?

If you want Steam Deck compatibility, you don’t have to link against the Steam Input API.

The only thing you need to be careful for Steam Deck compatibility is ensure your gamepad input actions are configured to handle all devices, rather than just device 0. This is required for the Steam Deck’s built-in controllers and external controllers to be handled correctly. This is one of the criteria for being Steam Deck Verified.

Fortunately, Godot does this for you by default when creating input actions since Godot 4.0.

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For Godot Input actions, how do you handle letting the user remap bindings at runtime?

Answering my own question, I see it’s the InputMap class.