Looking for teammates

Godot Version 3.5

Not sure if people do this here but i want to find someone who knows more about platformers than i do to help me with a project.

Looking for at least 1 person maybe more.

Are you active in the discord?

You may find some resources and build connections there.

I would also suggest building what you can and maybe doing blogs or something. It can just be a “watch me try to learn Godot” thing.

You are more likely to attract interest if you are actively building.

You mention what you would want a teammate to know, but dont mention what you know or bring to the table. What do you know? What are your skills? What have you built?

Every gamedev has more ideas than hours to code them. Ideas are cheap and plentiful, execution is rare. What have you and can you execute on?

Lastly, while hiring a gamedev can be expensive, you may be able to afford some one on one tutoring. If you find a willing and capable tutor, I would suggest working until you are very stuck, then take a tutoring session focused on getting you past those blocks. Maximize the value.


Thank you for taking the time to respond. You might be the guy ive been looking for.

What do you think?

They poised a lot of questions. It’s hard to give you the immense time it takes to make the game if you won’t give the time to answer such questions. How do they know your heart is really in it?

This is very important to answer. How else would a reader know if they “know more about platformers” than you? What kind of game is it? How much is already done?

Alright thanks guys. I thought i might be looking in the wrong place.

It was nice to meet you guys. I might see you around the forum.

I think you are looking in the wrong place but you can always ask us on the forum for help with a certain thing :blush:

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