Main Mechanic of my game with the theme of light and dark!

Hi again,

I made a post on here sometime ago titled Came up with a new idea for my next 2D game!, and the feedback from everyone was amazing and I am so thankful for the amount of views and comments on this simple post. I have found the main mechanic of the game to be wings of light, or simply wings since the protagonist is a humanoid bird. What do you think of this?

Since this game will be 2D, the next thing that I am trying to figure out is whether the game should be a top-down or side scroller game. Please share your opinion on which perspective would be best!


Super cool idea! :D
I read through the linked topic and it sounds like it will fit well into the themes of your original plan. you could expand on the wing symbolism in a variety of ways - the first ones that come to mind would be inherent vs channeled power. does your character gain their light powers from an external source? if so, you could give them regular wings that expand into light powered wings when they use said power. for inherent power, you could do glowing tattoos/veins in their biological wings to show the energy contained within them. I’m sure there’s a ton of other things you could try too. :)

It depends on what sounds right for your gameplay and overall thematic style. Some questions to ask yourself on that front:

  • Do I want to add physical/reaction based skill checks like platforming elements? (A side scroller could help here)
  • Is there a focus on storytelling and non player character interaction? (Top down is usually used here, but both would work)
  • How would either setting improve the gameplay?

Find what feels good for you and your game, and you’ll do just fine. Best of luck in your development adventures! :]


Thank you! Glad you liked it. I might have to do a side scroller for this since the wings are present and call more for verticality. Not sure how I would do this with a top-down perspective. I will be making concept art for the protagonist soon so maybe I will find the games perspective that way.

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