Main window doesn't get focus on boot in Steam

Godot Version

3.5.3.stable.custom_build.6c814135b (from


After game I’m developing boots, focus stays in Steam client. Godot app doesn’t receive NOTIFICATION_WM_FOCUS_IN notification. It happens on my Linux computer. On Win* works (reportedly) fine.

How can I debug this issue? TIA

Are you using a X11 or Wayland session? Use echo $XDG_SESSION_TYPE in a terminal to know.

Are you running the project through gamescope? (I believe this always happens on Steam Deck.)

It’s x11. But I’ve checked on another laptop with Wayland (same system - Fedora 39) and it’s pretty much the same outcome.

And unfortunately, I don’t know if I’m using gamescope - it depends on what Godot-steam uses.

I’ll try to get some other distributions and test on them. But i don’t know what to look for…