Make OneShot override Blend2 filters in Animation Tree?

Godot Version

Godot 4.2.1


I have a state in my animation tree set up like so:

BlendSpace1D controlling the “idle” and “run” animation connected to a Blend2 via the “blend” connection.

A “aim_gun” animation connected to the “in” connection on the Blend2, so the characters gun arm points at the mouse, rather than being involved in the run animation. Inbetween “aim_gun” and the Blend2 I have a OneShot with a “reload_gun” animation which overrides the aiming animation when fired.

In the Blend2 the filters exclude the characters arm that is not holding the gun, so it swings back and forth when he is running.

My question is when the reload OneShot is fired, can I override the arm filter so the non-aiming arm is involved in the reload animation, then goes back to running afterward? I have tinkered around endlessly and read the documentation but I am having some difficulty, and thinking it is not possible.

Thank you for any help.