Making an animation for a polygon2d

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Hi, I am trying to make an animation with a Polygon2d’s shape
but the problem is that I cannot insert any Key for the change in vertices

For Example: I want to change the Polygon2d from Square shaped to Triangle Shaped and animate that by only changing the vertices.

I find this so weird considering that I can easily do this with a CollisionPolygon2d by setting a key for the (Polygon) property in the inspector, while not being able to do the same exact thing for a Polygon2d

I really need a solution for this problem. :cry: :cry:

Set the track update mode to Continous Introduction to the animation features — Godot Engine (stable) documentation in English

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Thank you so much mrcdk for helping me with that, I didn’t know that I can smooth out the animation with this property, I am making my first project ever so I am still learning, so that helped a lot.

but my main problem was that I though that you can ONLY add keys using the inspector window, I didn’t know about the (Add Track) property which I just found by an accident while trying to search for (Track update mode) that you provided in your solution.

So you actually helped me twice :grin: ,thank you a lot for that.