Making DLC's for my game

Godot Version



Hello! I’ve read the docs about the usage of the .pck files, and I cannot figure out how DLC’s works in godot. For example, I made a project, in which I have some game, let’s imagine that it’s a shooter. I exported the game, then I added new weapons and exported them in .pck file. My questions:

  1. When using ProjectSettings.load_resource_pack(), will it be okay? I mean, does it just going to put that folder and its content at the right place?
  2. How can I check if DLC exists, and depending on that change the gameplay? For example, if you have that DLC, than you’ll have in the shop scene all the nodes and code that are responsible for the weapons, and if no - then no additional weapons? How it can be achieved without having the code and names of the DLC components(scenes, scripts, etc.)?