Many tiles are slowing down my game

Godot Version

4.3 dev6


I need a lot of tiles in my scene, over 80x60 in 3 layers for the background, and also the main scene. (Each tile is 8x8). So, is there any way to reduce the lag?

it also will be laggy on editor first? well i believe it’s an issue?

the workaround is to spawn some chunks at a time, so you dont have to load 80x60 in a single scene
use smooth transition between scenes

other than this method, if your game is about open world with x and y limit map, then you can procedurally spawn the tile and remove not seen tiles. this requires some tinkering. for instance, saving the tilemap’s tile information in an array or dictionary with tile position (this either requires you to make a level editor, level reader and level tilemap generator), so you just spawn what the player see and remove not seen tiles.

there is also lag in the editor, although it is not specifically related to the tilemap editor, but rather in the scene view. In my game, I use three different tilemap layers in the background to get a parallax effect.

each full 640x360 screen corresponds to an 80x60 grid of tiles. despite this, I believe there would still be limited space for exploration in the game and I wanted to use more of it.

Apologies for not mentioning before, my game is platform