Mappy Trampoline Mechanic Recreation Question

Godot Version

Godot 4.2.2


In an effort to better understand godot, I’ve been attempting to recreate Namco’s 1983 classic “Mappy” and where I’ve been stuck on is how I would implement the part of the game where Mappy jumps off of a platform into a freefall down to the trampoline. It seems that when he moves toward the end of the platform it starts a little animation of mappy jumping off in which he then gets centered on the open space, unable to move until he bounces on the trampoline and then is able to “interrupt” the animation by moving left or right to an adjacent platform to on his rebound back up.

Some brainstorming thoughts I had was essentially an area2D node that when the player enters, would move the player to the center of the node and then manipulate the player’s y axis to go up and down. However, in practice, this leads to the player jarringly being teleported to the middle of the open space.

What is the best approach in recreating the little jump animation to get the player to the middle of the open space and then also being able to “interupt” the rebound animation by choosing a direction onto an adjacent platform (or unsuccessfully against a wall).

Video of someone playing the game for reference:

Thank you ahead of time for taking a look at this issue :slight_smile: I would greatly appreciate any assistance.