Materials, models and performances

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I need some advices… The problem is related to performance, in general, about GPU in Godot 4. I’ve made a game, in Godot 3, and I was in trouble, a bit, with performances, maybe in my game there were lot of 3D objects, but I was used also just few materials that was atlas textures…
I’m searching to understand which kind of technique to use to made 3D models before starting to made them. I’m scared to the idea to start to produce dozen of models and, just when is time to resemble them into the game, discover they are too heavy…
I’d like to use some technique between cartoon and realistic style. Rather than the number of vertices (ok: less is better…) I’m afraid from texturing. Godot official manual says to do not exceed with materials, but it is clear than if one would like to paint on models, it needs a texture or more for each one. So it needs one material for each model.
Naturally is possible to use a single texture like a color palette, but results are on a lower level…
Have somebody experience of complex scene with lot of objects? I need numbers, if possible. I know there are others question to take in account, but an idea of limits can help to design my next game.

Depends on a lot of factors, most of which being your target platform and performance. A high paced action game may require a higher framerate than a cinematic puzzle game.

The best advice is to get familiar with the profiler, use it often and always measure changes. Honing into a art style is always tough and you may always need to reduce poly count once everything is done; generally it is easier to remove polygons than it is to add so start high!

You are right about texture atlasing helping out with performance, I believe for Godot one needs to make sure the materials are the same sub-resource, usually this is done by saving the material to a .tres file.