Modelling buildings and interiors

How do you usually model outside buildings? For example, if you have to do a static outside wooden shack, how would you usually do it?
I know someone models in blender and then textures everything, but I’m sure that usually is not a good workflow for Blender.
An example is Fears To Fathom: Ironbark Lookout’s firewatch tower, how did the developer model that tower?


(P.S. I’m not new to modelling, yet I still don’t know how to model ambients like these…

? i dont understand this statement, of course you could do this all in blender. it would takes some skill and knowledge of the app to do it efficiently, but its doable.

there are plenty of apps to do modeling and texturing and both steps don’t have to be done in one app.

I did a search about fears to fathom assets, and someone mentioned it could have store bought assets.