Moved from 4.3.dev3 to 4.3.dev4, rotated pixel art recalculates with camera move

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Hi, I just moved from 4.3.dev3 to 4.3.dev4, my game is a pixel art game with 640x360 resolution.

I immediately noticed all rotated graphics now are “unstable”, I understand pixel is the minimum unit and rotated pixel art looks not great in general, but in 4.3.dev3 at least it was consistent, i.e. even when the camera was moving the rotated images were steady. Now with 4.3.dev4 as soon as the camera moves the rotated images seem to “recalculate” how they should look… it’s difficult to explain, and the forums don’t let me put two gifs in the same post because I’m new :roll_eyes: so I can only show you how it looks now (I’ll try to post the “before” gif in a reply)

Notice the sunken ship’s diagonal lines change as I move:

Does anyone know what changed in this last release? something in the camera? something in the settings? I went through the changelog but didn’t find anything about this.

This is how it used to look:


This is likely because of improvements to “pixel snapping” features. Do you have either of the Snap 2D options on in Project Settings → Rendering → 2D → Snap?

Snapping vertices seems like it would be more likely to mess with it in this case, snapping transforms might not affect this.

If you are just needing a tilemap at a 45 degree angle (it looks like that’s what it is) maybe using “Isometric” mode in the tileset can help you? It would avoid the diagonal sprites and the weird positions at the same time.

If you really need something like a 45 degree tilemap, you can try scaling the tilemap up by sqrt(2) so the tile positions should align better with pixels

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Disabling “Snap 2D Vertices to Pixel” did the trick. Thanks!

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