Moved nodes to ScrollContainer

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Greetings to all. I have a Control node named “2Message” and it is located in the VBoxContainer (everything is shown in the screenshots).
How do I move it to the right if the values I set are reset to 0?



add another HBoxContainer for each message’s parent, and set it to End ordering

Like this?


i see you moved the hboxcontainer as a child of vboxcontainer now, what it’s looked like now?

No, I just made the hierarchy the way it was before (I was not allowed to change the screenshot).
And so it doesn’t work, the node is still on the left side of the screen.

try messing with custom minimum sizes settings for the VBoxContainer and even the HboxContainer. it should expand to the width you wanted

I’ve already searched all the settings and found nothing

Could you provide an example of how to do this?

it’s rect_min_size on godot 3