Moving TileMaps' positions reset to zero upon launch.

v4.2.stable.official [46dc27791]

Basically, whenever any TileMap is set to move, their positions are set to Vector2.ZERO, even though there is nothing in my scripts telling them to do that.

To be clear, I have found that a good workaround is to run the line position = position upon initialization, resetting their position to where they were placed in the editor. This works for both moving and rotating TileMaps when entering from Run Current Scene. However, it does not work for rotating TileMaps whenever entering from another level instead. Is there anything that we can do about this?

I posted this on the Godot Subreddit and never found any replies.

This sounds highly unlikely, especially with the workaround you described. If you upload the project somewhere, I can take a look, but I’d bet money it’s your fault. :wink:

Understandable. Here it is.

EDIT: I have footage of it as well.