Multiplayer Syncronizer for my school work

I need help, i want 2 players who can control one character, but i cant because of the multiplayer authority. What could i do?

Instead of using multiplayer authority, make two variables called P1control and P2control (or something like that) and add if statements under what parts of the character you want to be controlled by each player. Then, you can just set the variables for the two players’s instances.

The issue is that it’s actually a game that’s primarily UI-based since it’s a card game, and what I want is to apply damage with the cards to enemies, meaning both players can interact with the enemies by playing cards on them. That’s why I want the health to be updated for both players, in this case, the player with authority can do it (server) but that’s not the case for the client. With controlled by both players i meant that can be interacted with by the two players, srry for my bad explanation

In that case, you could attach a MultiplayerSynchroniser for the health value to make it the same between the host and peer.

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I did, but the problem its that only the server updates the values because of the multiplayer authority