MultiplayerSpawner node with clients on different scenes

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I’m following and using this guide as a reference.

I’ll preface that I am very new to Godot and just started messing with networking. I have a dedicated server and clients connecting, the problem is when I use the MultiplayerSpawner node to spawn scenes (maps) to the clients, my understanding is that all clients will be synced to that scene? I have it working as in when the client connects, the server automatically sets the scene via the MultiplayerSpawner, but I plan on having clients be able to switch scenes and not be on the same scene as other clients. I can’t figure out how to accomplish this with MultiplayerSpawner and reading the docs it seams that spawning is called on all clients?

I guess my question is, am I using MultiplayerSpawner wrong? Or is there a way to use it and only spawn scenes for specific clients with the server be authoritative? Maybe this needs to be done via RPC (which was kinda where I started before I found the guide above and showed spawning scenes via MultiplayerSpawner)? Any links to examples of networking with clients being on different scenes would be greatly appreciated.

My approach is to load all map scenes when the server starts. Each map scene contains nodes of the basic map, as well as storage nodes for all players, monsters, and NPCs currently on the map. In this case, when the client connects, it’s sufficient to add and render the corresponding map information on the client side based on the user’s information.

Thank you for the reply! I like your suggested solution a lot, I think I just got myself into ‘following the guide’ mode to much and just having the client load the correct map after successful connection will work perfect. I’ll head down that route! Thanks again