My character were all flipped but i don't know the reason

Godot Version

My version were v4.2.2


So when i am in the middle of figuring out godot, i encounter issue which flip my character horizontally while on the debug mode. I try to figure out by checking all parameters in my character that could possibly cause this problem. I’ve checked the flip.H and it was correctly turned off. Maybe some little help to figure out what i can do to fix this problem ?

is the sprite’s scale.X a negative value? or the sprite’s parent.scale.X a negative value.

below, sprite isn’t flipped. its scale is 1,1. but the sprite is flipped Y because sprite.parent.scale.Y = -1

The scale is indeed 1 by 1

as you can see at my screenshot.

how about your sprite2d? or animatedsprite2d node? does any of your movement code changes the sprite?