My game goes from 23mb to 62mb by setting minSDK to 23+ 🤨

Godot Version



I was implementing an extension that requires a minSDK 26+ and I noticed the exported apk was way heavier, at first I thought it was the plugin but after disabling all plugins and only exporting changing the minSDK value I see that when selecting a minSDK value of 23 or higher, it was making my game almost 3 times heavier, from 23mb to 62mb for some reason, why is that happening? What can I do?
Screenshot 2024-01-19 105154

A cursory search tells me 24 is the first version made for Android 7, which means a lot of new features were added, so I would say it’s just it has more things in it. I am not an Android expert, but seems reasonable. Bigger libraries, bigger apk.

Yeh I checked by exporting with minSDK of 23 one of my games in gamemaker and it also gained wheight, but it passed from 28mb to 46mb, an increase of only 18mb while the godot one increased almost 40mb