My game work differently when i disable "export with debug"

Godot Version

4.2.1 stable


I am working on a industry game and i need to publish it on android.
But when i disable the “Export with debug” option, my game don’t work correctly:

The game just have to instantiate a scene, but only with the “export with debug” option off it seems a function is called and i don’t know why.

Could you please try to explain this better or a different way? If you have trouble with english, it’s ok to write in your own language and then give an english translation so it’s easier to understand what you actually mean.

Sorry for my English difficulties. I’m developing a game on godot and I’d like to export it as an apk file, but when I disable the “Export with debug” option, the game doesn’t seem to work the same way :

The goal of my game is to create a production line, mainly by constructing buildings. Normally, when I press the button to construct these buildings, a window appears informing me of the resources needed to build it. But when I disable the “Export with Debug” option, the game reacts differently when I press the button to construct a building.
I haven’t changed the code in the meantime, so why does the game change when I disable the ‘export with debug’ option?

I’ve just found the solution to my problem!

I have the impression that unchecking the “export with debug” option seems to disable all lines that contain a debug function.
for example print(my_var) will be disabled. But in my case (with assert), I’ve put a function in place of a variable, a function that makes changes to the game. So in the line assert (my_func()), the function won’t be called, so the game won’t be modified, which was a problem for me.

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