My player won't move in a single scene, help!

Godot Version

Godot v4.2


I’ve been following a tutorial to learn the ropes of Godot (this one:, And for some reason, my player sprite will not function in my Level 1 Scene, despite working in Level 2 just fine. The sprite won’t fall, nor will any of the button inputs cause it to move.

Here’s the script for the Player:

Can we see your level1 scene setup and code?

Try changing move_and_slide() to move_and_slide(velocity).

Double check that your scenes and nodes are not paused for some reason. This would stop the physics processing.


Sorry for the misinformation. In Godot 4 move_and_slide() doesn’t take any parameters. I was thinking of Godot 3.

I checked, they aren’t paused. Any other ideas what coulf cause this?

Nevermind, found the issue. At somepoint, i accidentally disconnected my Script from the player node in Level 1.

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