My scene doesn't seem to be working?

Godot Version



so I the first scene to load is an intro, I used a video as the intro and it all works fine. I then made it so when the video ends it changes scene to the main menu yet the main menu (which was also a video) was grey. I thought it was a video problem and changed it to an image yet still the same. Im not sure if the scene isn’t loading or something but I hope someone can help!

not much info to go on here, please provide code snippets of the scene change and debugging steps performed. ( e.g. Do the videos run fine independently? )

have you read this documentation?

My only guess is that the grey screen is just the default 2D canvas. So i’m thinking the transition didn’t go as you planned and maybe some error happened…

The videos run fine independently. I play a specific scene and its fine yet I play the full game and the first video in scene 1 works then when it ends scene 2’s video doesn’t play and scene 2 is grey bpox. Here’s the code: