Need a bit more help

Okay, we should do some planning exercises so we can understand everything that will need to happen in code.

Let’s start with some requirements.

note I have never played any Mario Luigi series games.

Will this be an exact clone of Mario & Luigi mechanics?

Here is a list for beginning features, please adjust as needed.

  • battle system requirements
    • encounter advantages. (jumping on enemies to start battles, approaching from behind)
    • attacking
    • group attacking
    • healing
    • group healing
    • brother moves. ( Two character combos )
    • running
    • stuns
    • player counter move (jumping and hammers)
    • character turns
    • KO’d
    • item usage
    • buffs/debuffs (poison, extra damage, etc.)
    • equipment defense/offense modifiers (player stats)
    • enemy AI (chooses actions in battle)
    • targeting
    • animation/action control
    • player ui
    • item ui
    • win UI
    • lose UI

There could be more things to consider, maybe things that you don’t like, maybe things you wish it had.

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im not sure about an exact clone, but the gameplay i wanna take heavy inspiration from, other than that this list looks pretty good

So, I was working the systems top down, but I ran into an issue with the “action command” animation. This will require dynamic key frames to accomplish. and as you have discovered in your last post was to use tweens. I think tweens are the best.

I have tested using areas works well with tweens. all you need to do is add an area2d as a child to your character sprites. and connect the area_entered_signal to a script to monitor and act upon it.

func _on_hit_box_area_entered(area):
	$Label.text = "Hit"





sorry for not responding, i was away, im gonna try this out now

they take damage now! :DDDDD

i might be able to work out the rest of the battle system alone, but thank you so much for your help

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