Need feedback for the beta of my Metroidvania


It’s 5-10 minutes long, you’ll explore 1 area, do a bunch of platforming and fight some enemies, I’m yet to code health for the Player so there’s no lose state yet, don’t be afraid to give criticism !

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Hey could you also make WASD control and I recommend to make some audio effects too! really good game tho!

thanks ! I’ll add those features in the next beta build

No Problem!

Hey! Good job overall. Apart from the obvious (adding music, health, etc), I would suggest adding/modifying the following:

  • It feels too abrupt when you release the space button and instantly fall, specially when jumping very low. It would be better if it was smoother. Also, adding smoothness for the camera can help with this.
  • Add coyote time!!! It improves the jumpnig experience a lot.
  • When double jumping, I believe that you shouldn’t just add vertical velocity to the player. I’ll explain myself: if the second jump happens when the character is falling at great speed, it won’t effectively jump in the air due to inertia. It may be “realistic” but feels a little weird.
  • I’ve noticed that if you spam the spacebar while falling, the player falls slower. This may not be a problem itself, but I don’t like it because I would have expected that behaviour from holding the space, rather than spamming it.
  • Adding some visual feedback when an enemy gets hit would be great. Enemies already emit a sound when hit but it is impossible to tell which one got hit when there is many of them.
  • Add WASD keybinds, and maybe another key for attacking (P for example?)

I really liked the pixelart and animations, keep going!

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Thank you so much for this very detailed reply !