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Can anyone help me with how i could go by creating a list of units for my game? The image is for a unit overview where you can see their exp, portrait, name etc. I want to make it so that each time you get a new unit it adds another one of the boxes into a list, showing each specific units data. I could probably get everything except making each box unique to a separate unit to work. Can give more details if needed
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first make a scene for the unit slots and just instantiate and then set the slot values/parameters when adding child it to a container

Alright, i have made a seperate scene with the slots but the problem is that i dont know how to make it add one for each unit i spawn (which is currently just done by the press of a button for testing purposes

the way to tell the game to add the slot or technically said instantiate a scene then add_child it into a container is exactly that. use signal or whatever way you can tell your mainscript/gamemanager/controller to summon exactly what you want to show

ah, ok so instantiate creates a unique copy of whatever it is you are instantiating? So i would just have to do that, have all units start with the same base data and then i can program in further ways of adding stats to each unique unit like gearing etc after that?

yes to a certain level, if using same resources, the instantiated scenes will show the exact same resource when one of it being changed. but that you can set it to local to scene at the resource option to make it unique

the scene is basically a template for you to show what kind of unit you wanted to show by telling these parameters in the scene script you created or call a function to read and set the UI. i believe you will still need to put all units data in a json file and read it via FileAccess get_file_as_string() and put it into dictionary or array of dictionary. depending on how you structured your JSON.
the units data can be unit_id, unit_name, unit_icon (image name), unit stats, etc.

Hmm, i dont know how to do… most of that, Im pretty knew to coding but i feel like this shouldn’t be that hard to get going right?

I’ve been doing a bit of trial and error and i haven’t been able to get anything to work. Cant get the Overview windows to appear when pressing the button, can’t get the resources to get exported properly… Not sure how i should proceed.