Need help with showing the value of ProgressBar

So I’m making a function which will make some delay between swapping weapons, just to not confuse players and for debug purposes – I put ProgressBar at the bottom of player to show him how much time left before he will be able to shoot.

So I tried making it through .wait_time and .time_left, and it doesn’t actually worked how I wanted.

The problem is, that it shows time in seconds on bar (Delay is 2 seconds, and it shows 2% on bar).
I want it to go for 100% when Timer is done… Or at least from 100% to 0%.
Any ideas how can I make it?

ProgressBar defaults to a min_value of 0 and a max_value of 100, so if you then set the value to 2, it will (correctly) display this as 2% (on the way from min_value to max_value). So just set max_value to your timer’s wait_time!

Thank you good sir, dont know what would I do without you.