Nes Game like password Function

Godot Version

Godot 4.1.3 On an Macbook air


Ok So i wanted to make an Nes Like Password System for my 2D platform Shooter.
But I need Help.
I Don’t know how to make one or start!
Please help me with the making of it.

You would need to be able to save the game state into a very small amount of space.

If you use 0-9 + A-Z that would store 36 different values per character. Remove some of the characters that are often confused with each other and you get 32. 32 is a nice amount of characters to have as it’s 2^5. Therefore each character can be mapped to 00000 - 11111. String these together and you have a set of bits you can set.

Then you have to decide how many things you need to store, and how many bits it’s worth spending, as the more information you want to store, the longer the password becomes. The first 5 bits could for example represent what of the 5 weapons in the game has been unlocked, etcetera.

I’d recommend watching a few videos on password systems to get started:

I don’t know how easy it is to deal with bits alone in Godot. You might have to resort doing some math on the numbers to read the bits separately.


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