Nodes linked for some reason! PLEASE HELP!

Version 4.2.1

So i’m making a space farming simulator and trying to make it so when you look at the farmland you can interact with it, and plant a seed. i’ve made 2 planter boxes and i want to make it as scalable as possible. yet somehow, when I interact with the first planter it shows the tooltip and places the plant on the second one as well!
ive tried renaming every variable, reconnecting every signal, very frustrating!
heres the code, what my scene tree looks like and a screenshot of the problem:

Farmland1 (MeshInstance3D,
----- PlantText (Label3D)
----- Plant (MeshInstance3D)
----- Sensor (Area3D)
      ----- Collider (CollisionShape3D)
Farmland2 (MeshInstance3D,
----- PlantText2 (Label3D)
----- Plant2 (MeshInstance3D)
----- Sensor (Area3D)
      ----- Collider (CollisionShape3D)

(the code is the exact same for both scripts but referencing PlantText2 and Plant2)

extends MeshInstance3D

@onready var Pt = $PlantText
@onready var Plant = $Plant
var Planted = false
var FacingFarmland = false

# Called every frame. 'delta' is the elapsed time since the previous frame.
func _process(delta):
	if FacingFarmland == true:
		if Planted == false:
			if Input.is_action_pressed("click"):
				Planted = true

# checks if players line of sight collides with farmland
func _on_facing_area_entered(area):
	FacingFarmland = true

# checks if player line of sight collides with farmland
func _on_facing_area_exited(area):
	FacingFarmland = false

image of the problem:

Can’t be sure, but it looks like the Area is sending signals to both the FarmLand nodes, so they both run and hence you see the text.

Thanks so much for responding, ill try making the Sensor the parent node of the mesh and add the script to it, so they can detect signals independently

ok so i tried that but it still doesnt work. i may just have to individually check if each farmland is being collided with using the area.

Yes, you need a sensor per plot. It might be the size of the sensor too. Make it only cover one farm plot.

make the collision shapes unique, copypasting them generates these problems