Non-solid physics layers don't work with Tilemaps?

So I’m trying to make a tilemap for my game. All the tiles that have a solid collision layer - walls, ground, etc. - work perfectly fine, but when I try to add a collision layer that isn’t solid - for example, I’m trying to add the “playerDeathZone” layer on the spike tile, there is simply no interaction. Am I missing something?


what have you done to detect the player who is already in the death zone or not?

or you can simply get the collision data from the player characterbody2d script, if it’s the spike, then kill the player, this sounds like Geometry dash, but if you ever noticed geometry dash’s spike hit box, it’s usually just a small rectangle inside the near tip end.

The thing is, the playerDeathZone itself does work.
I was previously using a spike object, with the playerDeathZone collision layer applied to an Area2D + CollisionShape2D, and it all worked fine.
I’d like to convert that spike to a tile on the TileMap because I’m using a lot of spikes in the game and the tree was starting to get messy, but it just doesn’t work.

Wait im stupid I only had an area_entered function but what I needed was a body_entered one. ISSUE FIXED YIPPEE!!!