Object shrinks when setting it to RidgidBody3D compared to StaticBody3D

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I got a Mesh i imported from Blender. When I set it’s parent to ‘StaticObject3D’ it has it’s intended size. But when I change the type to ‘RidgidBody3D’ it shriks to about half it’s size in all dimensions. I checked the transformations and nothing changes. Is this a bug? It only happens when I run the project, not in Editor.

(I can only put one photo here, but you can imagine the actual size should be double that)

You probably have changed the scale of the RigidBody3D. The scale of a RigidBody3D will be reset to (1, 1, 1) because it does not support scaling and it will be overridden by the physics engine when running.

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I reapplied all transformations in Blender, reimported the mesh and checked that the scale etc. is set to (1, 1, 1). It still happens and if it was an issue with the scale, surely it would already look smaller in the editor?

Edit: I also redid these steps with the ‘newer’/better workflow, issue persists

on “remote” keep the same scale values?

oh my god, no im so stupid. I had the door etc. in another scene and that was scaled
lord help me

XD those things happen

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