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Does anyone know of any reasons why the bullet is appearing either to the side, in front of, or behind the gun barrel? I am new and following this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bbPHsB9TtI&list=PLQZiuyZoMHcgqP-ERsVE4x4JSFojLdcBZ&index=4&t=308s . I believe that I followed everything exactly but I can not figure out why, once playing, the bullets appear in a seemingly different area than LegionGames does. If anyone can help, or has any ideas of common mistakes that could cause this, they would be very helpful

i believe he posted the project git here:

have you tried comparing to that?

In the video the bullets look a little bit off too. I think this is caused just by his movement and looking around. The projectiles are slow compared to the movement/turn speed, the camera has enough time to view them “from the side”, which makes them look off-center.

It is the exact same code other than my not being able to type var bullet = load(“res://Scenes/bullet.tscn”) without it throwing an error in the physics part of the code. If I remove the Scenes/ part, then the code runs with the bullets appearing to the right, then when the player turns around the bullets appear to the left and never exactly where they should. I would attach a video of the issue but, as I am a new user, I cannot.

the bullet in the code is Bullet, not bullet