Pathfollow2D offset in C

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How can one use a pathfollow2d with C sharp, in the current stable release of Godot?
func _process(delta): $Path2D/PathFollow2D.offset += 250 * delta
above is how most tutorials will show you how to do in GDscript.
It appears that offset is not a property in the c# version of this class, but there is no working alternative. Changing Progress or ProgressRatio does not affect the position of the Node at all.

is that what you are looking for?

public partial class MyPath:Path2D {
	public override void _Ready() {
		PathFollow2D v_path_2d = GetNode<PathFollow2D>("MyPathFollow");
		GD.Print(v_path_2d.HOffset, " ", v_path_2d.VOffset);

C and C#(CSharp) is not the same. your topic is misleading

It was my mistake, the information I was using was for 3.5, not 4+
Wasn’t aware Offset was removed. I was looking for Progress