Physic based controller for 3D quadrupedal robot

Godot Version



Hi everyone, I know what i’m trying to do is mostly experimental and that there is maybe nobody that can help me, but despite this I’m trying to make a physics based 3D quadrupedal robot in Godot using rigid bodies and hinge joints. Currently, it is not so far from working, but it won’t get better.

I’ve made a python program that train a controller for the robot using godot as the simulation environment. It produce a onnx file of the controller, which godot then use to control the robot during a simulation. I’ve worked a lot on that to make it work, and I know the python program work because it successfully train such a controller when using a simulator such as Mujuco. Thus, even if I tried to make a PID controller, used the Jolt physics engine, set different values of mass, damping, angular limits, max torque, max target velocity and so on, when I tried to train the robot it does not reach a decent walking gait.

So here I am, if anyone is really good with the Jolt physics or has tried something similar, i’d like to get some advice here. I’d really like to make it work in Godot even if it could be easier with Unity ML Agent or Unreal Learning Agent.