Play Store publishing 2 versions of one app or two separate apps?

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Hi everyone,

I just finished my app and it’s successfully uploaded to the Play Store where it will be “closed tested” soon. It’s the “Full Version”, which users will have to pay for, but there’s a “Free Version” as well, which naturally won’t cost anything. In the end I want both versions to be featured side by side on my account.
That free version is not uploaded yet. That’s because I’m not sure how to deal with that situation – it’s the first time I’m doing this.

There are some points I’d like to clarify so I don’t do anything stupid. My assumptions are that I should upload the free version as well and have them both tested simultaneously by my 20 testers so they can be published together. There’s a linked button in the free version though, which should be pointing to my account (or maybe directly to the full version), but I assume I only get the link-destination when the full version is published. So I’d need to update the free version as soon I know that link-destination.

Can I actually have both versions published as two versions of the same app or would this be two separate apps? Exporting from Godot, I think the “version code” and “version name” don’t matter (meaning they could be equal in both versions), but the “packag unique name” and “package name” would need to be different. Or could I use the same “package name” and only have two different “package unique names”? Would I be able to update both versions separately when needed?

Maybe I’m overthinking things? I’d be grateful for some advice because obviously it’s a bit confusing for me. Does anyone maybe know some tutorials on this topic? Any help is much appreciated.