Player get stuck on position 0,0 ( after adding animation_player?)

I have the following problem. My player get stuck on position 0,0 if i start my level.

What i have done before: add a animationplayer to my Player_Scene to create a cutscene if he reaches a Flag. i set the keyframe to the player.position, change the position, set_another keyframe. Set up a func to play animation xy if player touch the flag.
But now if i start the game my player get stuck on gobal_position = 0.0

What a tried so far: remove the func and animation player. check my code if there is the (gobal)position mentioned.

I’m really confused what happened
Screenshot 2024-06-14 220831

The RESET animation might be contributing. Try animating their sprite instead, especially if it’s just a finishing animation and collisions don’t matter. The AnimationPlayer is changing the position just like your code would so they are fighting for position.

That it! Thank you so much for the quick help

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