PlayerCollisionShape_2D entering Plataform_CollisionShape2D

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As you can see in the video below, when my player (CharacterBody2D) is hit by the block (Rigidbody2D) he ends up entering the platform (StaticBody2D). One way collision has already been checked. I’ve also checked the layers and masks. Every help is welcome!

Bug demo

by analyzing the video you can clearly see that the Rigidbody is ignoring the Charachterbody and not getting effected by it if the movment of the box is simple
why not just use a Charachterbody
i don’t know if your using custom code for the Rigidbody and Charachterbody interactions
if so post it hear

Hello! Thanks for answering. I need the block to be a Rigidbody2D. I’m a Physics Teacher and this project is to teach some Physics content, so I need the block to behave as much as possible like it does in real life.

Here’s a small tutorial about CharacterBody2D and RigidBody2D interactions Character to Rigid Body Interaction :: Godot 4 Recipes