Please add a 3D area light. The 3D omni light and the 3D spotlight it's not enough for me. I need that additional type of light and please make it real time for the high end hardware

Hello there I am new to Godot 4 and I want to make a 3D game but there is something missing in that engine. A 3D area light or 3D rect light. And I want it to be in real time for high end hardware. And I want some optimization in performance and better reflection quality in Voxel GI. I don’t want to chatter too much, so I’ll end here. Thank you for your time

Hi @evilman1000xx, the Site Feedback category is not for proposals. It is only for feedback about the forum.

Please read how to suggest ideas on our proposals repository and submit them there as a discussion or issue. Be sure to search first to see if someone else has proposed it already.

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There’s already an open proposal for area lights: Add support for specifying light sizes and shapes for specular reflections / area lights · Issue #1275 · godotengine/godot-proposals · GitHub

In the meantime, use LightmapGI and an emissive mesh with UV2 and Static bake mode that you hide after baking.

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