Please help Newbie with strange basic things in Godot!

Godot Version

v4.2.2.stable.mono.official [15073afe3]


Whats the question?

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I do wonder what the question is as well.

But if I had to guess, I’d imagine he wants the thing centered when he runs the game, but it is not.

So the solution to the unmentionable question is possibly to add a camera to the character? (Camera2D)


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I dont know why, but its text dont post with picture, problem is

Hi all! I’m just starting to work with Godot in order to try to implement interesting ideas, but for some reason many aspects always work differently for me than in tutorial videos or other forums/even tips. Starting with the fact that when I debug without a camera, it is always directed exactly as in the picture. What to do with it?

Yeap, i dont know why, i see all guide for godot, anytime there is centered and they dont do anything for this, but i need to do camera or something else

But without camera, how to always start project, where game is just centered and all

Does the above solution of adding a camera to the character not work for you?

If not, can you screen grab what you expect to happen from the tutorial and link to the tutorial as well?

Just wanted to clarify a possible problem that may arise in the future, since everyone does not need to add a camera in their simple projects, but I do. I would like to know why this depends.

I dont know if I understand correctly, but would the following help?

Having very basic templates to start with, rather than a completely empty project?

E.g. a scene with the godot logo centered

okay, you right, i just wanted to know about all things in Godot, and all

When you start a new project, instead of using the default “local” tab, use the “asset” tab.

There are many starter/demo/example projects.

While there may not be something exactly like what you want, I think you may find it useful.

I always use a camera for one reason - control.
I can chose what it looks at, what it follows (usually the player) and what level of zoom I want.