Popupmenu uopn players death, (please do not ignore)

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By rafah

Hi all,

I been struggling for over a month of this, and Im about to give up on godot because I cant even do something as simple as a popupmenu apparently, or there seems to be no way to create one without a button or at least no examples, Im not kidding about the whole month, I will paste a couple of my attempts of asking help in the past, same problem

What is the correct way to create a popup that will be trigger upon players death? I been trying to create this for over 3 weeks now, it is simple yet I have been completely unable to do anything at all, this seems to be impossible to do, and no one seems to have an answer, no matter how I word it, I simply get ignore, so basically all I want is to trigger a popupmenu but there is no button to press, if anything the popupmenu would have the buttons to press, so the popupmenu should be trigger upon the players death.

popupmenu help - Archive - Godot Forum (Maybe my wording was off on this one) I just dont know how to explain, but all I want is a popupmenu when the player runs out of tries, or dies or uses his last turn, all the same, but no button involved.

Thanks in advance

Alternative way: Add your buttons inside a popup panel, then call popup.show() or hide()

salihkallai | 2019-03-14 20:09